OBBI Oulare has received his visa but is not expected to make his debut until after the international break, while his compatriot Aaron Leya Iseka is still waiting for his visa.

The two Belgian strikers both joined the Reds in July but have not featured in any matches so far due to work permit complications.

They trained with the team but, after their initial temporary work permit expired, they have had to stay away from the club. They are both thought to be short on fitness.

Schopp said of Oulare: “We will have to work with him in a good way and I am pretty sure we will see him after the break.”

Asked when Iseka’s work permit would arrive, Schopp said: “That’s not up to me, it’s up to people on a different level. We want it to happen as soon as possible.”

Iseka wrote on Twitter: “It’s a very frustrating situation at the moment but hopefully everything will be sorted out soon and I’ll be able to help my team. See you soon guys.”