A BACKLASH over plans to ban parking on both sides of Silkstone High Street through a long-mooted traffic regulation order has intensified.

The local MP and a Penistone ward councillor have weighed into the row, and the parish council has fired off a detailed objection response to the TRO proposals put forward by Barnsley Council.

Uproar was sparked last month when news of the scheme emerged.

The parish council was particularly upset to learn of the project via social media and a special meeting was called to discuss the plans.

Barnsley is proposing a traffic regulation order to stop vehicles waiting along High Street and by some junctions.

The borough says parking makes access difficult for 999 vehicles and buses and lorries.

The parish council disagrees and argues that while some control might be needed, the measures would have a massive impact on businesses and families.

Coun Robert Barnard said: “Perhaps of greatest importance is the impact on residents of High Street.

“Some properties have no off-road parking provision and people bought on the understanding that on-street parking would be available.

“Where else can they park?

“Secondly, a number of businesses rely on users being able to park.

“Businesses have already suffered as a result of pandemic restrictions and would now face a permanent impediment to trade with the risk that they would fail, leaving a village which already has few services with even fewer.

“I am unclear as to how this would benefit the community.

“Also, the church would be impacted as worshippers and mourners would be unable to park nearby and most likely this would lead to displacement parking.”

Coun Barnard says all the contact he has had with Silkstone residents does not indicate a serious issue with parked cars.

“The most common complaint concerns vehicle speed and if parking was prohibited then a more open road would doubtless lead to more speeding,” he added.

Penistone MP Miriam Cates is urging Barnsley Council to think again and has written to the borough council to object to the TRO.

She said: “I saw for myself the traffic issues in the village - mainly the result of speeding and HGVs using the route as a short cut - but these issues would not be solved by prohibiting parking along the length of the High Street and such a simplistic approach would only displace parking problems to other parts of the village.”

The parish council has put together a ten-point objection response to Barnsley Council.

In the document, councillors call for data to support the proposals and flag up worries over on-street parking by residents being affected.

They also spotlight the possible situation with regard to users of the children’s play area and those wanting to pay their respects to the fallen at the war memorial, both on Martin Croft.

“Has consideration been given to worshippers at All Saints’ Church, visitors to Heritage Silkstone, weddings, funerals or christenings,” the document, seen by the Chronicle, said.

“We feel that if there were no cars parked on High Street this would increase speed massively and create arguably a greater danger to road users and pedestrians.

“We are in no way suggesting there are not traffic management issues on High Street.

“But in supporting the overwhelming public view that the proposals will have a major impact on family life and livelihoods, we are supporting the community we serve.”