FESTIVAL organisers are ‘desperate’ for volunteers to ensure a town centre music festival can go ahead smoothly next month.

Barnsley Live - a launch event for which is being held tonight at the Old School House - is a one-day charity music festival which is raising funds for Barnsley Hospital Charity this year.

The festival is set to go ahead on October 23 but event organisers are growing concerned about the lack of volunteers coming forward.

Matt Smith, one of the organisers, said: “We have 24 stages to look after, and there’s only five of us - it’s just not doable.

“We don’t want to put anyone off by using the title ‘stage manager’, but these are mostly what we need, essentially this just means greeting bands at the venues, and making sure everyone knows when and where everything needs to be.

“Our previous volunteers have now moved on to other things, such as becoming musicians themselves, and no longer have time to help out.

“When people have volunteered in the past - even those who haven’t been into music before - they’ve loved it.

“Volunteers obviously have to be over the age of 18, due to the settings.

“But really, anyone who is able-bodied can do it and it really can be quite fun.”

Another festival organiser, Chris Scarfe, added: “They’re really not difficult jobs, and you get to meet the acts.

“You can also still have a drink if you want, although maybe not too many.”

Anyone wanting to volunteer at the festival in October can message the Barnsley Live Facebook page or call Chris Scarfe on 07487 778449.