CAMPAIGNERS battling to save Hoyland’s green spaces met for the first time since Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.

More than 50 locals turned up at Belmont Working Men’s Club for last Monday’s event which was organised by REACH (Rebuilding Environment and Community in Hoyland).

Speakers from REACH and other local campaign groups - including Extinction Rebellion and Barnsley Trades Union Council - addressed the audience.

Ci Davis, from Extinction Rebellion, said: “I grew up in a factory town and I know how difficult it is to have aspirations when all there is to look forward to is the local factory.

“This is what I fear for the children of Hoyland, when all they see around the area are distribution centres.

“We need to consider our children’s future far better than this.”

It was also agreed to have a protest during the school half-term.

This will be held outside the Rockingham Centre at 4pm on October 29, but another public meeting will take place on Monday at Belmont at 7pm.

Ci added: “We need to believe in imagination, and not to accept ‘we are where we are,’ but to ask questions,and to use these to rebuild our community, not only for ourselves but for the young people.”