RETIRED cricket umpire Dickie Bird celebrated donating a total of £1m to children’s charities throughout his life.

The 88-year-old has helped charities across the country over the years - including many in Barnsley - and broke the seven-figure barrier yesterday with a donation of £15,000 to Leeds Congenital Heart Unit, where he has been an ambassador for four years.

Dickie was invited to the hospital back in 2017 and met Natasha and Hugo Owen, when Hugo was only eight days old and had just undergone open heart surgery.

“I can’t quite believe I’ve donated a million out of my own money - it’s a lot of money but it’s so worth it,” Dickie said.

“When I saw Hugo in hospital he was tiny, and was cut from his groin to his neck.

“When I see him now it gives me so much pleasure - he’s a fine little lad.

“The staff at the hospital do such amazing work and when I visit these wards it brings me to tears - it is so heartbreaking.

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“But seeing Hugo and seeing who these donations are helping gives me great pleasure.”