THE owners of a gym are on a mission to sell the remaining tickets to their health, fitness and wellbeing charity event being held later this month - of which 100 per cent of the proceeds will go to Barnsley Hospice.

The Barnsley Barbell team have sold just over £600 of tickets and want to reach their goal of £1,000 to ‘make a real difference’ to the charity.

Peter Shaw, co-owner of the Oakwell View gym, said: “I think it will be great for the local community to be pulling together to help such an amazing cause.

“Hopefully the event will be inspiring and helpful for those feeling the effects of the winter blues, too.

“It’s more than just a health and fitness evening, I’ll be giving a talk on the deeper things behind motivation too, like mental health and how looking after yourself can have positive knock on effects in all areas of your life.

“I’ll be talking about how to feel amazing and how people can achieve what they want to achieve.

“I chose to donate to Barnsley Hospice as I know how much they’ve struggled throughout Covid, and as a result have had to close down their shops in town.

“So I know they need every penny they can get.”

Tickets are currently being sold at £10 until this Sunday, and will be £20 each thereafter.

The event will be at 6pm at Tankersley Manor next Thursday and will also feature a raffle with prizes donated from local businesses.

Anyone wanting to purchase tickets should visit the ‘Barnsley Barbell’ Facebook Page.