YET another glass-walled bus shelter was shattered over the weekend - posing a ‘significant risk’ to pedestrians, a local councillor has said.

A pane of glass in the bus stop on the corner of Lundhill Road and Park Street in Wombwell was found to be shattered - another damaged shelter in what has become a widespread and a common issue.

Wombwell Coun James Higginbottom said: “It is very disappointing and frustrating to see that the glass at this shelter has been damaged.

“This not only poses a significant risk to pedestrians, especially those who have young children and dog walkers, and it deters people from using public transport.

“I reported the incident to the South Yorkshire Passenger Transport Executive and expected it to be resolved as a matter of urgency.

“If it turns out that this is the result of criminal damage then to those responsible I say - shame on you.

“Councillors will continue to work closely with community safety officers and South Yorkshire Police to take a zero-tolerance stand against antisocial behaviour in our communities.”