A TEENAGER who foiled a gang of knife-wielding would-be burglars at his family home almost three years ago is today being recognised by police for his bravery.

Three masked assailants broke into the home where Davin Sheikholeslami lives with his parents on Kingwell Road, Worsbrough, armed with knives and a machete, on the evening of March 27, 2019.

Forcing the couple upstairs, they began searching the home for valuables - and the then-14-year-old Davin.

But the quick-thinking youngster was hiding under his bed, whispering to police and giving them the details they needed to descend on the home minutes later.

The offenders almost got away with money, watches and car keys - but his actions led to police tracking them down soon after.

In the years since, the family have occasionally been troubled by memories of the night - and are still on a waiting list for counselling.

But in a strange way, Davin, 16, said he’s also able to look back on the traumatic event in a positive light - as it showed what he was capable of.

“I think it did set me on the right track to improving myself,” he said.

“I still remember the exact time I called the police - 9.23 pm - for some reason.

“There wasn’t really anything going through my mind, I was in the moment.

“There was a lot of adrenaline.

“I even remember cracking a joke saying I hope they don’t take my computer.

“Maybe an hour later the police were there taking statements, and then I was watching a movie and suddenly started crying.

“Obviously, it was a really traumatic time. For ages I couldn’t go back to school - one day I’d be joking about it, the next I’d be crying.”

Today, Davin will attend the South Yorkshire Police Public Bravery Awards in Sheffield where he’ll receive a medal for his actions.

“It’s a really proud moment,” added Davin, who now studies A-levels at Huddersfield Greenhead College and is hoping to become a Royal Air Force pilot and eventually an astronaut.

Gabor Voros, 41, of Red Laithes Lane, Dewsbury was sentenced to nine years and four months imprisonment at Sheffield Crown Court while another defendant was found not guilty.

Mum Faz Fallah, 44, said she and husband Reza have struggled through a ‘horrible time’ but she’s incredibly proud of her son.

“We’ve been through lockdowns and it’s still really hard, we’re all still suffering with memories of it - like anyone would if three people broke in your house with machetes,” she said.

“If Davin wasn’t there, god knows what would’ve happened.

“The police did their best, that night they were very quick.

“For us it was a challenge. It was a long journey, without any real help.

“We tried to sell the house, because it was a horrible memory.

“For about six months I was taking sleeping tablets, and struggled to go back to my house.

“Whatever Davin did, as a little child, he didn’t have any help from counsellors or anything like that.

“He’s now a proper grown-up young man.

“He’s been doing amazing. Even after lockdown, his grades at school have been A*s and As.

“It’s credit to him that he’s been through such horrible things to make it to this - now he wants to be a pilot or go into the army.

“He’s very sporty, and he’s really smart. He’s always helping people, he’s honestly such a lovely, good human - I’m not saying that just because he’s my son.”