A MIRACULOUS turnaround could see Worsbrough Bridge AFC still play their home game tomorrow thanks to community support - despite the pitch being flooded last weekend for the third time in three years.

Worsbrough Bridge play their home fixtures at the Pinto Property Stadium, based on Park Road, just metres away from the River Dove.

However, the pitch is a designated flood plain and, following on from the sheer amount of rainfall last weekend as Storm Franklin hit the borough, the area flooded for the third time in as many years.

Chairman Mark Booth, who is commonly recognised as the main man who has turned the club around and away from fears of liquidation, admitted it was devastating to see their worst fears turned into a reality.

Although he accepts the pitch is a designated flood plain, he wants more support after floods to ensure the club can carry on with its day-to-day business without fearing further costs.

“As flooding didn’t used to be a regular occurrence the council didn’t see it as a priority,” he said.

‘Now, because of the weather, it will become more and more regular.

“I understand and 100 per cent accept that the pitch is a designated flood plain because we don’t want the flood moving out into Worsbrough.

“But the financial costs of repairing all the damages is down to the club - the cost implications to a club of our size is not sustainable.”

Mark believes the damages will cost up to £1,000 - and the club is even having to factor in potential flooding costs into its yearly budget.

“It’s really hard when you’re having to plan in the budget for flood damage,” he added

“It probably costs around £600 to £1,000 depending on how severe the flooding is.”

After posting photos of the flooding on social media, the community quickly rallied around and two cricket clubs - Kexborough and Cawthorne - offered their support to clear the water.

“The community has been fantastic and it’s been really overwhelming to have so many messages,” Mark said.

“The water soppers from Cawthorne and Kexborough cricket clubs have been fantastic to get water off.

“We’ll now look to invest in that equipment which is £800.

“We’ve done a Go Fund Me before but you almost feel a bit guilty when you do them.

“The bigger picture is that we are a community facility and the support the club get anyway is amazing.”

Thanks to help from local residents, clubs and even players, Mark is hopeful they’ll be able to get tomorrow’s home game against Armthorpe Welfare on - despite the pitch being almost completely submerged in water less than a week prior.

“I’m an optimist and so if we can get decent weather and the work from volunteers goes well then we’re hopeful we’ll see some football down here on Saturday,” he added.

“The unseen damage is the cause for concern here.

“If you drive past the ground you’d think it was all good but it’s not until you step on the pitch you realise the damage.

“We’ve had one of the players down helping this morning and we’re hopeful we’ll get some football here.”