THE full impact of Covid on Barnsley Council’s finances is laid bare in a report to be put before senior councillors next week.

The authority’s cabinet will hear that council services are forecasting a ‘significant financial pressure’ for 2021/22 of £24.4m.

This is made up of £25.4m of costs linked to the pandemic combined with underspends of £1.06m.

But Wednesday’s meeting will be told the overall net impact after special government Covid funding is a ‘balanced position’.

The report includes details such as children’s services looking at an overspend of £4.05m - mainly linked to the cost of children in care.

There is a forecast of a £300,000 overspend on the housing revenue account and council tax collection is set to be 96.4 per cent, which is above the current target of 96 per cent.

The cabinet will be asked to write off historic bad debts of £770,000.