A MUM-OF-TWO died from a rare side effect of the Covid-19 AstraZeneca vaccine just days after having the jab, a senior coroner has concluded.

Kim Lockwood, formerly of Comrades Place in Goldthorpe, died aged 34 in Rotherham Hospital less than a year ago on March 24.

She suffered from intracranial hypertension, which caused a pressure build-up around her brain and left her with headaches that could have resulted in blindness if left untreated.

However following an inquest, led by senior coroner Nicola Mundy at Doncaster Coroner’s Court on Tuesday, it was confirmed this was not a determining factor.

In section 1a of Kim’s cause of death was vaccine-induced thrombosis and thrombocytopenia, and in 1b, it was the recent Covid-19 vaccination.

The coroner also returned a verdict of misadventure - a legal act undertaken voluntarily that led to her death.

Kim’s husband, 42-year-old Damien, told the Chronicle the inquest’s conclusion was a relief as it’s something the family knew ‘all along’.

“Kim had the vaccine and nine days later, she phoned me telling me her vision was blurry,” he added.

“She suffered from panic attacks so when she’d phone she’d be gasping for air - she went into the hospital on March 22 but I couldn’t go in because of the Covid restrictions.

“There was a two-hour wait for her but she decided to come home because she was panicking - if I was there I’d have been able to calm her down.

“The next morning I went to work which was an hour-and-a-half away as I’m a plasterer, but around an hour or so in I got a call saying she was vomiting.”

Kim rang 999 and was told it wasn’t life-threatening and to phone 111 - she did this and was told to go to the hospital.

“Kim told me that she was in so much pain,” he added.

“I got a call at 3am the next morning - it wasn’t good news and she’d died.

“At the time they said the reason she died was because of a bleed to the brain.”

Following the inquest, Damien said the verdict was better than the family expected - and that it will help with the grieving process.

“It was originally down as cerebral venous thrombosis (CVT) and the vaccine was just a contributory factor, but that has been changed,” he added.

“It has helped as we knew this was the reason right from the very beginning - it’s a relief.

“We agree with misadventure as it’s not the person’s fault who gave the jab. As much as it has helped with the grieving process, someone does need to be held accountable - we’ve still got ongoing issues with the hospital.”

Kim leaves behind Damien and their two children, 14-year-old Jayden and seven-year-old Jax - and her husband says he’s had to keep strong for the kids.

“It has definitely been hard but I’ve coped - a lot of people have spoke about how strong I’ve been but I’ve got to be there for the kids,” he said.

“I’ve got a good family on both sides that are helping.

“I met Kim through online dating in 2010 and we got married on June 30, 2012 - I was totally in love with her.

“She would go out of her way to help everybody she could, even if she had so much on herself.

“She had such an impact on everyone she met and she’s missed by all.”