A LOLLIPOP lady has announced her retirement after 25 years of helping children cross the road - and her school has asked past and present pupils to contribute towards a book of memories.

Debbie Dawson, 59, started as a crossing patroller on January 19, 1997 at what is now The Mill Academy in Worsbrough - a quarter of a century in post which has also seen her work a stint as a dinner lady.

Her official retirement date isn’t until May 6, but the Friends of Mill Academy parent group have put out an appeal for students, both past and present, to send a photo in of themselves in school to make a scrapbook leaving gift for Debbie.

“This is the best job I’ve ever had,” she told the Chronicle.

“I’ve been thinking about retiring for a while because my husband is poorly - he had a heart attack five years ago and is health is deteriorating a bit so I want to spend more quality time with him.

“Obviously it’s the kids I’m going to miss the most, but there are lots of other things too like all the friends I’ve made.

“Some of the kids I used to help across the road are now parents themselves, it’s so nice to see the second generation.

“It’s going to be sad, I think there’s going to be some tears - but I’ve got to do what’s best for me.”

Any photo contributions to the scrapbook should be given to the school directly.