Hoyland diver Megan Sylvester continued her journey towards the London Olympics next year by becoming British Champion at the weekend.

The 16-year-old and her partner Monique Gladding took gold in the British Gas National Cup in Southend. This result means they qualify for a grand prix in Russia at the end of February as well as the European Championships in Turin, Italy next month.

Sylvester and Gladding currently top the list for pairs in the UK and will make the 2012 games if they stay there.

"Things are going very well at the moment and I am very happy with how things went at Southend," said Sylvester who also finished fourth in the individual competition.

Megan's current focus is the synchronised category ahead of the London Olympics. But she is also entering junior individual competitions and working on new dives to get more points for 'degree of difficulty' with the aim of competing on her own after 2012.