A CONTROVERSIAL hand car wash could be closed down for breaching the terms of its operating licence.

The business, on Pontefract Road, Cudworth, opened last July having won its appeal against Barnsley Council's decision to refuse consent.

However, one of the terms was that it only opened for a strict number of hours, from 9am until 6pm Monday to Friday and from 10am until 5pm on Sunday. Now, the council says, that term has been breached.

Fatjon Gosturani, who has poured £40,000 into the business, fears he is already fighting a losing battle. He said: "It was a simple misunderstanding. The council has told us if we're caught out again we will be immediately closed but I've made sure we're doing exactly what they're asking of us.

"We don't want to battle the council and we respect the rules. All we want to do is provide a service."