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50 Novelty Party Cakes for Children
50 Novelty Party Cakes for Children Fun and Fantasy Designs for Every Celebration Category: Food & Drink (Non-Fiction) Format: Hardback Author: Sue Maggs Publisher: Anness Publishing Publication Date: Monday 13th October 2031 ISBN: 9780754827603 Pages: 96

This title suggests quick and simple decorating ideas for classic cakes, themed cakes, birthday cakes, celebration and holiday cakes. It includes something for everyone: a ballerina cake, computer game cake, fairy castle cake, spaceship cake, army tank cake, fire engine cake, pinball machine cake, royal crown cake, teddy bear cake and many more. It offers clearly illustrated step-by-step and finished cakes, all shown in over 300 photographs.

It contains easy-to-follow techniques, special equipment fully explained, and tips and hints throughout. There are cakes for all ages, from 3 to 13, using candies, chocolates, frostings, fondant icing and many exciting decorations. It explains all the basic cake decorating methods.

Nothing pleases children more than to be given a custom-made cake made that reflects their personality, interests, or even characters that appear in books or TV shows. There are so many special events that deserve a celebration, and themed novelty cakes make a great focal point for a birthday or other occasion. Because the cakes in this book start with either a simple round or square cake, they do not take long to make, and they can be made ahead of time, covered in fondant, and stored until they are needed.

There is a design to suit every child: little girls will love the doll's house, magic rabbit and sugar mice, while for a boy's party, the army tank, fire engine, dart board and pirate's hat would be ideal. Adults will find the cakes fun to make, and even beginners will be able to make accomplished-looking cakes. Whatever the event, you will find a cake to suit the occasion, and make every child's party a success.


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