CHILDREN at a Royston primary school absolutely love their weekly visit from their new four-legged friend Lumi the therapy dog.

Summerfields Primary Academy is visited by Lumi and owner Jean Whitehouse where the children read and chat to the pair.

The idea started when the pair first went to Silkstone Common Junior and Infant School to give students a talk about the Blue Cross animal welfare charity.

“The children absolutely love it and they look forward to when Lumi and Jean come in,” said head of the school Lisa Tabbner.

“Jean teaches the children how to do some retrieval tricks with Lumi and she sometimes comes into class to help new starters settle in.

“Lumi also shows the children how she can count, Jean tells Lumi a number and she’ll tap her hand with her paw as many times as she’s just said.

“The children and staff work so well with Lumi and her visits are great for the well-being of the school, we wouldn’t be without her.”