FOUR primary schools are encouraging children to read by launching a new book service.

Outwood Grange Academies Trust has four schools in the area, Outwood Academy Shafton, Outwood Academy Carlton, Outwood Primary Academy Darfield and Outwood Primary Academy Littleworth Grange, which have all launched a new scheme where pupils, and parents, are invited to donate books to the school. From these donated books, the pupils are free to take home whichever they wish with the intention of developing their reading.

The purpose of the scheme is to ensure every child has the opportunity to own a book, read, and grow a love for reading.

Natalie Lancaster, whose son, Noah, attends Outwood Primary Academy Darfield, said she was ‘really impressed’ with the idea.

“As a parent, it enabled me to be able to put some of our books we no longer read to good use, while it allows the child to pick up a book that’s been donated that they want to read,” she said.

“It is great knowing that the books donated are going to be discovered all over again, and be helpful to another child’s development.”

Lee Wilson, chief executive principal of Outwood Primary schools, said: “The importance of reading cannot be overestimated, it is a vital life skill.

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“We hope that by introducing our new scheme all pupils are able to own a book and have the chance to read a book when not in school.”

The scheme works by pupils, and parents, donating any unused books they may have at home. These can then be taken by another pupil, with no obligation to return them.