PUPILS at a primary school are campaigning that something be done at a fly-tipping hot spot in their village.

Children from Goldthorpe Primary School regularly go out with their litter pickers cleaning up the green spaces around the school, but this week they came across a huge pile of discarded white goods in a lay-by on Doncaster Road.

The school takes great pride in its outdoor provision and educating children in environmental matters, with outdoor education teacher Chris Wharton-Lovett saying they had cleared the area ‘more than once’.

Chris said: “Once again our community is tarnished by fly tipping and our children aren’t happy about it.

“Unfortunately it is the first you see of our community as you approach from this direction. We have been working hard as a school to improve our community environment for the benefit of everyone.

“As a school we teach our children to be resilient but our children shouldn’t be made to feel like this.

“It is so disheartening as a teacher when this happens when you know how much effort the children put in to get it clean.”

Chris said the next meeting of the school council would be centred on ways to deter tippers.

Isabelle Burkinshaw, a year five councillor, added: “I really wish they wouldn’t do this, it just wastes our time.”

Dearne Coun Pauline Phillips said she would be liaising with the school and other councillors in order to curb fly-tipping at the site.

“We don’t know how to stop it,” she said.

“The council don’t tend to do bad picking rubbish up once it’s reported. They’re starting to catch more people and take it more seriously. We know a lot of the people who go around that area are from Mexborough or Hemsworth and a couple have been caught.”