Barnsley’s poor form continued as they failed to score for a fourth successive League One match and lost 1-0 at home to Lincoln City on Tuesday.

The visitors scored on the stroke of half-time and had the better chances as the Reds had most of the ball but looked toothless up front.

Barnsley remain ninth, five points off the play-offs.

Michael Duff made two changes from the side who lost at Morecambe on Saturday. James Norwood, back from suspension, and Herbie Kane came in for the benched Adam Phillips and Luca Connell.

Barnsley had most of the ball in the first half but did not create any real chances and Lincoln looked more threatening on the counter-attack.

In the ninth minute, Jack Diamond latched onto his goalkeeper’s kick then beat two defenders to go through on goal but dragged his shot onto the left post.

Barnsley had their first shot in the 37th minute when Kane curled wide of the bottom left corner from 20 yards.

The visitors opened the scoring in the third minute of added time at the end of the first half. Diamond played a ball over the home defence to Danny Mandriou who was clean through and found the bottom right corner.

Barnsley had their first shot on target in the 59th minute when Liam Kitching headed Nicky Cadden’s left-wing corner into the ground and it looped up for Carl Rushworth to catch easily.

Devante Cole went down in the box but the referee waved way the appeals.

Regan Poole should have finished Barnsley off in the 82nd minute but fired over 12 yards out after a good move on the right of the box.

Ben House had another fine chance when Tom Edwards lost the ball and the Lincoln striker was played through but he fired wide of the bottom left corner.

Home substitute Jack Aitchison saw a long-range shot easily saved.

James Norwood looped a header up to be easily caught in injury-time.

Barnsley (3-4-3): Collins; Cundy (Aitchison 75mins), Andersen, Kitching; Edwards, Kane (Phillips 65mnins), Benson. (Jalo 88), Cadden (Larkeche 88); Martin, Cole, Norwood.

Unused: Walton, Moon, Larkeche, Connell.

Yellow cards: Cundy, Kane, Benson.

Lincoln (3-4-3): Rushworth; Poole, Walsh, O’Connor; Eyoma, Virtue, Sanders (Sorensen 83mins), Roughan; Diamond (Garrick 69), House, Mandroiu (Vernam 83).

Unused: Wright, Jackson, Robson, Draper.

Yellow cards: Sanders.

Goals: Mandroiu 45+3.

  • KICK OFF: The away side get us underway.
  • 7:47pm
    1 Barnsley have a throw in in a dangerous position. Edwards to take.
  • 7:49pm
    2 The throw-in is just over Andersen's head but it falls to Benson who sees his strike blocked. Seconds later and Norwood does well to take the ball down on his chest but it comes to nothing. The Reds have started the brighter.
  • 7:51pm
    4 Nicky Cadden does well to beat his man, but his cross is low and straight into Rushforth's hands. It's all Barnsley at the moment.
  • 7:53pm
    7 Tom Edwards has just ran through almost the entire Lincoln midfield and defence, but his end product was lacking.
  • 7:55pm
    8 The Reds are completely dominating. Nicky Cadden has just seen his shot headed out for a throw-in. Edwards to take again.
  • 7:56pm
    9 Jack Diamond has to score for Lincoln. A kick from the Imps' goalie sees him go straight through, but he somehow misses a sitter. Real let off for the Reds.
  • 8:01pm
    14 Nearly an opening for the Reds, but Cadden can't quite slip through Kitching in the box. Michael Duff's side have been by far the better side, but silly errors are gifting Lincoln rare opportunities.
  • 8:04pm
    17 Robbie Cundy is booked for bringing down a Lincoln forward on the attack.
  • 8:06pm
    20 Lincoln have managed to get a hold of the game, but the Reds still look dangerous on the attack.
  • 8:08pm
    21 Martin does well to chase down the Imps' left back, who is forced to clear it for yet another throw.
  • 8:09pm
    23 Andersen and Ben House are both down. It looked a foul from Mads who tackled with his head, but the game played on. Both are receiving treatment.
  • 8:11pm
    24 Both are back up and play is set to resume.
  • 8:12pm
    26 Herbie Kane has just volleyed a Lincoln player's head. He's been given a yellow card.
  • 8:12pm
    Herbie Kane
  • 8:15pm
    29 Dangerous free kick of Lincoln. Mads gave the ball away inside his own half, before Cadden brought the Lincoln man down. Free kick is about 25 yards away.
  • 8:16pm
    30 It's a poor free kick and Barnsley win a throw in.
  • 8:17pm
    31 Lincoln look to break, but Benson's expert touch diverts it just away from Diamond.
  • 8:18pm
    32 Corner Reds. Norwood looks to break through, but his touch is too heavy. It looked a goal kick but the referee didn't agree.
  • 8:19pm
    33 Straight from the corner and the away side break, but Edwards does well to block a pass which would have seen the away side clean through on goal.
  • 8:20pm
    33 Then up the other end Devante Cole runs through the entire Lincoln team before trying to play through Norwood. He can't quite get onto the end of it, though.
  • 8:24pm
    37 Great play by the Reds. Andersen plays the ball over to Edwards, who heads it to Martin,. He then lays it off to Kane who cuts inside, hesitates, but then shoots just wide. First real chance for the Reds.
  • 8:26pm
    40 Lincoln have had all the ball in the last few minutes, but they've done nothing but pass it round the back.
  • 8:31pm
    45 Break in play as Virtue is down holding his head. Not long til the break.
  • 8:32pm
    Three minutes added on.
  • 8:35pm
    Daniel Mandroiu
  • 8:36pm
    48 It'll be the last kick of the half. The Lincoln man looked well offside but he fired in from close range.
  • 8:37pm
  • 8:52pm
    KICK OFF: The Reds get the game back under way.
  • 8:53pm
    46 Nearly a second for Lincoln. Cundy loses the ball and Andersen takes an age to get over to his man, but he does and makes a good tackle.
  • 8:55pm
    48 Lincoln are well on top. Kitching does well not to bring his man down but it could easily be another. The Reds look like they're still in the dressing room.
  • 8:59pm
    52 The Reds have settled down a bit more now, but they're still struggling to keep the ball for long periods.
  • 9:01pm
    55 It's brilliant from Devante Cole to chop the ball into the path of Martin, but his cross can't quite find Norwood. Missed opportunity.
  • 9:04pm
    57 Brilliant pressing from Cadden forces Rushforth into a mistake. It's met with applause from the fans and Duff.
  • 9:06pm
    59 Liam Kitching comes close for the Reds. He meets a Benson corner, heading the ball into the ground but the 'keeper easily claims it.
  • 9:09pm
    61 Brilliant from Cole again. He cuts past a defender and then shoots, but it's deflected out for a corner.
  • 9:10pm
    63 It's end to end stuff now. Both teams look dangerous. Cole has just seen his shot go high and wide.
  • 9:11pm
    Josh Benson is booked for a blatant pull.
  • 9:12pm
    SUB ON
    Adam Phillips
  • 9:12pm
    Herbie Kane
  • 9:13pm
    Max Sanders now sees a yellow card for bringing down Martin as he looked to break.
  • 9:16pm
    Jack Diamond
  • 9:16pm
    SUB ON
    Jordon Garrick
  • 9:17pm
    70 The game has really quietened down, the Reds need someone to bring some life into the side.
  • 9:22pm
    75 The Reds are really struggling to create any chances, they've had the most off the ball but are doing little with it.
  • 9:22pm
    Robbie Cundy
  • 9:22pm
    SUB ON
    Jack Aitchison
  • 9:22pm
    76 A very, very attacking substitution from Duff.
  • 9:25pm
    78 Corner Barnsley.
  • 9:26pm
    79 A very good shout for a penalty there for Barnsley as Cole looks to have been hacked down. The ref waves the appeals away.
  • 9:28pm
    81 Corner to Lincoln.
  • 9:29pm
    83 Should be game over. Poole misses from eight yards out.
  • 9:29pm
    Max Sanders
  • 9:29pm
    SUB ON
    Lasse Sorensen
  • 9:29pm
    Daniel Mandroiu
  • 9:30pm
    SUB ON
    Charles Vernham
  • 9:30pm
    83 Aitchison has just seen his effort well saved by the impressive Rushforth in the Lincoln goal.
  • 9:32pm
    84 Should be 2-0. Ben House can't quite fire it home after a mistake from Edwards. Only one side look like scoring and it isn't Barnsley.
  • 9:33pm
    85 The referee has somehow awarded a free kick against James Norwood after he was fouled. Baffling.
  • 9:35pm
    Nicky Cadden
  • 9:35pm
    SUB ON
    Ziyad Larkeche
  • 9:35pm
    Josh Benson
  • 9:35pm
    SUB ON
    Fabio Jalo
  • 9:36pm
    88 Michael Duff now has four strikers on the pitch.
  • 9:37pm
    Five minutes added on. Barnsley corner.
  • 9:41pm
    94 The Reds look deflated, it seems very unlikely they'll pick up anything here.
  • 9:43pm
    95 A great chance to level it. Phillips whips it in and Norwood and Cole both go for the same ball. It hits Norwood and straight into the keeper's hands.
  • 9:43pm