BARNSLEY boxer Callum Simpson was ringside to watch two of his rivals fight this week – and says he did not see anything to be worried about.

The 26-year-old from Barnsley was in attendance for the British and Commonwealth super-middleweight title fight which saw Zak Chelli beat Jack Cullen.

He is due to fight in early March, defending his WBA continental title, before taking on Chelli in June.

Simpson said: “I am next in line to fight for the British title but Zak is having a holiday and a rest.

“I will keep busy with one fight.

“It should be a top 15 UK opponent.

“It will be another good domestic fight to prepare for Chelli.

“I want to keep busy.

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“I am not waiting around for Chelli.

“Let him have his rest or whatever he needs.

“I’m his next fight.

“It’s going to be a massive year and, come summer time, hopefully I am a British, Commonwealth and WBA continental champion.”

While watching Saturday’s fight, Simpson tweeted ‘easy work’ then added: “Seen all I need to see. Congratulations to Zak Chelli but this year I bring them British and Commonwealth titles to Barnsley.”

He told the Chronicle: “Chelli has a lot of good physical qualities – he’s fit, strong and has good work-rate.

“But his boxing ability, I believe, is quite poor.

“He’s a one-trick pony. He does the same thing all the time.

“Everything he does, I do better. I have a lot more qualities.”

Simpson is hoping to fight at Oakwell in the future.

Barnsley Council have bought the stadium and are hoping to put on different events including boxing in the future.

Simpson said: “I believe my promoter will be pushing to get the Chelli fight in Barnsley but probably not at Oakwell yet.

“It depends if Chelli agrees to it as the defending champion.

“There is a lot of politics which is above my head.

“I feel like I will eventually fight at Oakwell if I keep winning.

“Everyone wants to do it.

“It obviously needs to be a big fight.

“It probably won’t be this year but I believe it will happen next year.

“The council now own the stadium and they are aware of it. It’s good timing.

“It’s great news not just for myself but for the town and the club as well.”