INCONSIDERATE parking outside a primary school is preventing motorists from passing safely, a meeting was told.

Parents dropping off their children at Cherry Dale Primary on Royston Road, Cudworth, are parking on double yellow lines and ‘ignoring notices’, prohibiting them from parking in certain areas. Coun Charlie Wraith told the Cudworth PACT meeting on Wednesday that if parents could park in the school hall, “they’d park in it”.

The meeting was told that the road is narrow and with motorists parking on both sides of the road if emergency services were to pass it would be difficult for them to do so.

PCSO Lee Holmes said that when they are in the area they do talk to parents who justify their actions by saying they are only parking for ‘five minutes’.

A member of the council said they would notify parking enforcement and ask the school to send out a letter reminding parents to park appropriately.