A WOMBWELL man has won his fight to get a telegraph pole removed after it was wrongly built at the end his driveway without any consultation.

Philip Waller, 65, returned from a shopping trip last week to find that Connexin - a Hull-based broadband firm - had erected the pole outside his house in Dove Road.

He said he had no idea this was going to happen, adding: “There was no notice that this was going to happen - I’ve spoken to Coun James Higginbottom and he has been working on it with me.

“But Connexin seemingly haven’t followed any of the rules.

“I’ve not slept for a week because of this.

“There’s grassland 100 yards away from my house and they could have put it there. It’s just so extremely frustrating.”

But earlier this week, Connexin admitted their mistake after the council ruled the equipment was not there lawfully.

The Chronicle understands the pole was meant to be built elsewhere in the area but workers ran into complications whilst at the site.

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It was subsequently placed in front of Philip’s drive.

“I feel they’ve been very arrogant about the whole situation.

“I’m happy it’s now all been sorted.”

Coun Higginbottom, who represents the Wombwell ward, has been working with Mr Waller since the pole was erected.

He is now happy the situation has been dealt with.

He added: “I completely understand Mr Waller’s frustration and I have been supporting him in this matter.

“I am pleased to confirm that due process was not followed when this pole was erected and notice has been served to order its removal.

“No-one objects to necessary infrastructure being built but this needs to be done properly and in a manner that doesn’t cause unnecessary nuisance to local residents.”

A Connexin spokesperson said: “The telecoms pole, which is part of an Internet of Things network to enable the collection of data from smart meters across the community, was placed on Dove Road, Wombwell, in error.

“After a review of the permit applications and feedback from Barnsley Council, we have requested relocation of the pole to a new and more suitable location.

“We expect this to be completed in the next two weeks.

“We have apologised to the resident who was affected by our mistake.”