A SCHOOL meal supervisory assistant (SMSA) has made the shortlist for the Proud of Barnsley Awards for going ‘above and beyond’ for his work.

David Winnard has been working at Greenacre School for seven years and has been nominated by assistant head teacher Todd Cheetham for ‘bringing a positive experience to everyone he meets’.

“David works additional hours every day to coordinate the personal care and physical needs of students,” said Todd.

“Many of these students have profound physical disabilities and require daily physiotherapy and regular position changes. David is a personable man who embodies the values of the school inherently.

“Every interaction David has with students and staff is a positive one. His knowledge of every pupil is so in depth he no longer requires rotas and guides colleagues to improve their knowledge and skills. David’s commitment goes way beyond his role and families, young people and colleagues benefit from his skills and expertise.”

David said he enjoys his job and working with students at the school, but said he is ‘humbled by the award’ and believes everyone who works at Greenacre should receive a Proud of Barnsley Award.

“When you are a school meals supervisor here, you have a lot more responsibilities,” said David.

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“I work with the complex needs children who require moving and equipment and position changing basically, so it’s making sure they aren’t in the same position all day and you’re moving them around.

“Some can’t speak and can’t communicate so you need to read what their needs are as you go along. Some of these children are in broken bodies but have sound minds and this is what I like to engage with, if that makes sense.”

Speaking about being nominated, David said: “I work with a fantastic class team and a fantastic school team and everybody has to meet with everybody to meet the needs of the kids. The kids come first. I don’t think people realise how demanding a job in this school is. Everyone here deserves recognition and an award for what they do.”