LACHLAN Moorhead is due to represent Great Britain at the World Judo Championships next week as he continues what he hopes is a journey to the top of the sport.

The Penistone man, who will be 22 on May 15, flew out to Doha, Qatar on Sunday and is due to compete there in the 81kg event on Wednesday.

It will be a second worlds for the Commonwealth champion who is ranked 28 in the world.

Lachlan said: “I am definitely getting better. I feel better in training than I did last year.

“I have had some good fights this year.

“I have competed well with some good players including former world champions.

“I am always improving. I want to test my skills and hope it comes together on the day.

“Last time I had the world champion in the second fight and it was really tight.

“I think I can take on the top guys and maybe beat a good number of them.

“A top seven placing would be ideal if I was going put a number on it.

“It’s a big televised event and everyone has peaked for this so there is more pressure. I have been there before and fought well so that helps me.”

It will be his first trip to Doha.

“Hopefully they have air conditioning or that will kill me. It’s exciting.

“The Middle Eastern countries are very welcoming to fighters. They always put on good events.”

After the event in Qatar, Moorhead is due to compete in Austria and Tajikistan before spending two months training in Tokyo, Japan throughout the English summer.

“It’s a judo pilgrimage.

“I will be fighting every day, against some really good fighters. The standard there is very high.

“I will have 15 to 20 hard fights a day which will kill me or make me better at judo.

“I’ve never done it before and I am hoping I will develop a lot and hopefully it will give me an edge.”

Lachlan is hoping to reach the Olympics in Paris next year.

“Paris is my long-term aim. I am in position to qualify but I just have to stay there.

“Every tournament is basically a qualifying tournament for it.

“Eventually I would like to end up as an Olympic and world medallist.”