FREDA Dobson celebrated her 100th birthday surrounded by her family.

Freda became a centenarian on Monday but was joined the day before by about a dozen relatives who gathered together to mark the milestone event.

The Woodlands Lodge resident also had a birthday celebration on the day which was organised by staff and allowed fellow residents to celebrate with her.

Her daughter, Joyce Marsh, told the Chronicle: “The staff there are brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

“Mum has severe dementia so wasn’t aware that it was her birthday, let alone her 100th.

“But she was much brighter in herself than she’s been in a while.

“I think she had a good time and we certainly did.

“It was nice to see her so bright.”

Yet, Joyce doesn’t think that her mum has any secret to a long life, and admits she’s ‘just lucky’.

“She sleeps a lot,” Joyce added.

“But she’s not one of these who will say that she has a glass of sherry every day or something like that.”