Neill Collins was left ‘incredibly frustrated’ after Barnsley’s game at Stevenage was called off at 1pm despite the pitch being ‘more than playable’ in the Reds head coach’s opinion.

Referee Sam Purkiss conducted pitch inspections at 11am and 1pm but was concerned about a firm section of the pitch.

Head coach Collins said: “I am incredibly frustrated and really quite angry. Through no fault of any one at Barnsley, we’re in a position where we’ve got 1300 fans, who left probably really early this morning. They have wasted hard-earned money and time. The league needs to look at the processes because they are clearly not working. We say football is about the fans but in these times it seems like it isn’t.

“It’s a very subjective decision from the officiating crew. We will, between now and the end of the season, play on pitches which are much worse than this.

“A decision has been made based on player safety but we will play on pitches which are far more likely to cause injuries.”

Collins added: “I spoke to the referee. In his opinion he felt the pitch wasn’t safe because it was a little firm. I think it’s more than playable. I actually think the grounds crew have done a good job. I am not quite sure who is qualified to make the decision. You watch the Blackpool game and the Derby game earlier in the week and the pitch is cutting up.”

Collins was hopeful this morning the game would be on. He said: “There is no undersoil heating here. Based on the weather and how the pitch was yesterday, we had to think there was a chance it would be on. I don’t think it will have changed much between now and yesterday so on that basis it’s disappointing and the decision could have maybe been made earlier.”

Collins did not blame the home club. He said: “I have to believe Stevenage did everything to get the game on. That’s the impression I’ve got. The person who made the decision is the referee. My frustration is the subjective decision-making power one person has and the processes in place that doesn’t consider all the other factors based on a pitch that I think is ready to play.”

Centre-backs Donovan Pines and Jamie McCart could potentially be available by the time the game is replayed. Collins said: “It could be a good thing. We could have new signings when we come back, they could have players out. But the people who miss out most are the fans.”