ALMOST £500,000 has been set aside to create a new special educational needs facility in Kendray.

Following a previous decision made by Barnsley Council’s ruling cabinet members, approval was given for the demolition of the former Stairfoot Family Centre in order to create a new facility to accommodate up to 15 children.

The council will develop and commission provision on site at Hunningley Primary School, a council-owned site which previously operated as Stairfoot Family Centre.

The 15 additional places will be created for children who have been diagnosed with SEND communication issues as well as autism or social, emotional and mental health needs.

A total of £452,798 will be set aside to support the project.

Demolition work will cost £32,000, ground works £75,000, the purchase of the new unit £184,000 and further costs totalling £160,000 will also be used.

And it will cost almost the same amount to run the site.

A report said: “The full year revenue cost of running the Hunningley provision is estimated at £435,000.

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“This is made up of £10,000 place funding (per place) and an annual top up funding of £19,000 (per pupil).

“This cost will be funded from the ‘DSG High Needs’ funding allocation.

“Like any new SEND provision, this will have an impact on home-to-school transport (even though this is merely a re-distribution of existing pupils already in the system).

“New routes may be needed to transport the 15 pupils to the new facility at Hunningley Primary School, whilst current routes will likely need to stay in place as they will still have to transport children going to the old schools.

“The additional cost of home-to-school transport could be up to £160,000 with the exact cost and funding arrangements to form part of the follow-up report on the proposal and based on further details on the pupils, their needs and transport requirements.”