LACHLAN Moorhead handed in his university dissertation this week, about how inequality in areas like Barnsley hinders sporting talent, and is now set to fly to Abu Dhabi to compete in the World Judo Championships.

Lachlan, from Penistone, has just completed his degree in business management at Birmingham University.

His dissertation was on how regional inequalities affect participation in judo.

It was inspired by his experiences growing up in South Yorkshire and competing in a sport dominated by people from more affluent areas.

Lachlan, who now sometimes coaches at clubs in South Yorkshire, told the Chronicle: “I see so many rich southern kids in British judo.

“They have better access to clubs and are more likely to be from families who can afford to support them.

“You barely come across anyone else from the north.

“In the south there are a lot of rich areas and a lot of facilities, and that’s not the same in places like Barnsley.

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“My research shows that poor regions do less sport, especially sports like judo.

“I was inspired by being from Barnsley and experiencing it myself.

“I was lucky that my dad was already into judo, he started his own club and took me around the country to competitions.

“I would love there to be better opportunities for the next generation.

“In my career I want to win as many medals as possible and go the Olympics but it’s just as important to me if I can change the sport in terms of participation and inspire more people from places like Barnsley to take part.”

Lachlan says he ‘hasn’t got a clue’ what he wants to do with his degree but is planning to focus on judo for the near future, with this summer’s Paris Olympics a major goal.

“It could be a big summer with graduating and going to the Olympics if everything goes as I want it to.

“A big chapter is closing and it’s been a busy few years.

“The plan is to do judo full-time at least until the 2028 Olympics.

“I might have to get a job to help me because judo doesn’t pay that well.

“But it’s definitely the plan to focus on sport for the next few years.”