THE family of Big Brother beauty Sian Hamshaw are hoping and praying she will make it through tonight’s double eviction and earn a place in the final on Monday.

Waitress Sian, 25, has been holed up in the famous house since September 14.

Viewers have been voting for their favourite housemate to win, and with just six left, two will be shown the door tonight.

The remaining four will go through to the final on Monday.

Sian’s stepfather Paul Thompson, 57, of Kendray, said the family were hoping to see her crowned winner.

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He said: “We’ve always said it’s one step at a time. She got past the first week, then the second. We’re hoping and praying she can get past this eviction. I personally think it could be Brooke and Zoe as favourites to go but I don’t want to be too optimistic.

“But that’s what I’m hoping for. We just hope we’re going to see Sian win.

“She’s done really well. Regardless of whether she wins or not, she’s been a success.

We can’t believe the response she’s had, it’s been brilliant.”

Paul said Sian had been her genuine self in front of the cameras.

He added: “She’s a kind, lovely person. She’s bubbly and friendly and will treat everyone exactly the same, regardless. She hasn’t got a bad word for anyone.

“She’s very genuine. If people do upset her, she will more than likely keep it to herself. She’s very placid and chilled, but she’s a really good laugh when you get to know her.

“She’s not one of those people who will react and then go running to the diary room every two minutes. One or two others have had more airtime because that’s what they have done.

“She’s coped with all the challenges, and it’s proved she is not just a dumb blonde from Barnsley.”

Sian’s son Archie, four, has been living with Paul and Sian’s mum Trisha while she’s away and has been allowed to watch certain parts of the show featuring Sian.

“Archie is brilliant. We’ve edited so much and just shown him little bits where his mummy has been on and we tell him she’s working and will be back soon. He’s loved it. He’s asked for her a couple of times and said ‘when will I see mummy again?’ and we’ve said she will be coming home soon.”

Paul said Sian was already a winner and she should be proud of how far she has got. But should the worst happen tonight, he believes she will walk out with her head held high.

To vote for Sian, from a landline call 09020445811 or from a mobile call 6505811.