A LOCAL singer-songwriter who won a headline spot at Wath Festival has added to his list of wins this weekend at a battle of the bands competition.

Tom Masters, 21, from Woodstock Road, Barnsley, recently had success at the Wath Festival where he won the coveted headline show and a chance to record at the Purple Pro Studio in Leeds. He has now added to his list of accomplishments after winning the top prize at a battle of the bands competition.

The top prize was a recording session at DC Studios on Shambles Street, which Tom is eager to use.

“I’m lucky to have all this recording time and I can’t wait to put it to good use,” said Tom.

“I am looking forward to creating something and putting it out there for people to get their hands on and since I’ve left university now, I’m hoping to use this time to further my sound and release some music.”

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The win comes after a full weekend of performing for Tom, who performed at Barnsley Live on Saturday.

The competition was created in memory of Lee Wilmet, who died suddenly of an undetected heart condition aged just 46. His friend, Jase Owen, created the event to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and was held at the Barugh Green WMC on Sunday.

“I wanted to do this in memory of Lee and to help other people who have gone through the same things as we have. It’s strange because Lee was perfectly healthy one day and gone the next,” said Jase, 48, of St Austell Drive, Barugh Green. “It was really stressful but it all went well on the night.”

The event raised over £600 which will be donated to the British Heart Foundation.