THE OWNER of a company which built the new bar within the Glass Works development in the town centre is working to ensure local apprentices are ‘given a chance’ like he was.

The 3C Group is a contractor that specialises in kitchens both residential or commercial and also provides a design service to clients.

It was established in Penistone in 2017 and has since expanded to offices in Leeds.

Matthew Crisp, 40, created the company after spotting a gap in the market in contracting services and wanted to embrace a new challenge professionally.

“We are called The 3C Group to reflect our three core values: construct, consult and create,” he said.

“I created the company alongside my partner, Ian Bird, because I saw a gap in the market that none of the major contracting companies offered design in house.

“Instead they subcontract the design aspect out to other companies which can lengthen the build by around a month.

“By being able to do it in house, we can make sure we get jobs done quickly and can work through any problems or changes as they arise.”

The company completed work in the new Barnsley Market in the Glass Works, where they designed and built the Cucina Sky Lounge.

“All the reviews of the Sky Lounge have been coming back really positively and it’s made me really proud that our vision has become a reality,” added Matthew.

“We wanted the feel in there to emulate bars in London or Leeds and we wanted a cosmopolitan feel because we feel that Barnsley deserves a nice place for people to sit and relax and have a drink.”

As well as growing the company, Matthew is keen to give back to local students by helping them get get their start in the industry.

“I got my start through doing an apprenticeship and I want to help others to get their foot on the employment ladder,” he said.

“Currently around one third of our workforce are apprentices from Barnsley College.

“I’m from Athersley South and while I was in school we didn’t have a lot of money and I got an apprenticeship as a trainee quantity surveyor which expanded my potential beyond what I immediately thought of.

“Now we employ apprentices and work with local suppliers to help keep the business as local as possible.”