Bambo Diaby is in training and Barnsley haven’t given up hope that he could play this season.

The centre-back has been suspended for five months since January after allegedly failing a drugs test at Blackburn Rovers in November. Chief executive Dane Murphy told the Chronicle: “We were supposed to receive an answer last week but there was a change in course. Hopefully it is coming to an end soon. We are told week after week that it is coming next week. We are not positive that he will be unavailable for the last nine games of the season. As of right now, he can’t play but hopefully there is a change in the near future.”

Murphy added: “If I said what I wanted to say about the investigation, I would get myself in some trouble. But it has gone on far too long, we haven’t had enough guidance or information back and it’s been a frustrating process for all those involved. The guy I feel most sorry is Bambo because he’s the most enthusiastic and positive guy.  He just wants the club to do as well as possible but he has been sidelined.”