SOUTH Yorkshire Police officers pulled over a man going nearly 120mph on the M1 near Barnsley on Monday night who claimed he was being chased by a ‘whole team’ of men.

Officers in a fully-marked police car were driving on the M1 when they saw a set of lights flash by at nearly 120mph - when they stopped the man he told the officers that he was in danger and that his car ‘doesn’t even go that fast’.

A spokesperson said: “The driver told us that he was driving at almost double the speed limit as he had people that wanted to cause him harm and were following him.

“When our colleague explained that there wasn’t anyone else travelling at anywhere near the same speed he was, and therefore no-one could have been following him, the driver replied that it wasn’t just one person following him, but apparently a whole team.

“As this one where the phrase ‘tell it to the judge’ was probably appropriate, our colleague started doing his checks on the car and the apparently quite unpopular driver.

“He was entirely unsurprised to learn that the driver and his car already had Police Reform Act warnings recorded against them a warning that the police can seize your car if you carry on driving in an antisocial manner.

“The driver and his friends were given a lift off the motorway while his car was recovered.”

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The 26-year-old driver was not arrested, though he was reported on summons.