A NON-LEAGUE football club face a hefty fine after being told they had failed to ensure spectators were socially distanced during a home game last Saturday.

A crowd of 165 watched Worsbrough Bridge FC’s 1-1 draw with Glasshoughton Welfare in the Northern Counties East League First Division match at the Pinto Property Stadium on Park Road.

Club chairman Mark Booth said a council officer arrived during the game and he was told the visit was as a result of the club being reported by a member of the public.

“We take our responsibilities seriously and have made a lot of effort, investing a lot of time and money, into making sure we follow guidelines which are often changing.

“We constantly remind spectators of the need to social distance, and spread out around the ground, but just like supermarket staff are told to avoid confrontation with customers who won’t wear a face mask, how can a volunteer steward force anyone to do something?

“To be taken to task over social distancing felt harsh in the extreme.

“I think all clubs need a helping hand, and when it comes to following the guidelines, some flexibility and recognition of the effort being put in would be welcome.”

Coun Jim Andrews, cabinet spokesperson for public health, said: “There is no excuse for not following the guidance which is in place. Flouting the guidelines only puts more people at risk of catching and spreading the virus as well as increasing the strain on the NHS at a time when capacity is stretched.”