A BARUGH Green man has been left in outrage after a ‘development from hell’ a stone’s throw away from his home caused him sleepless nights and his mum to allegedly have an asthma attack due to dust.

Sam Moore, 28, of Claycliffe Road, says the development behind his home by Barratt Homes has been a ‘nightmare’.

The housing estate - called Lock Keeper’s Gate - also included a new roundabout to ease congestion onto Huddersfield Road, which is now being created.

Sam said: “It is awful living here now, 7am every morning the house starts vibrating and the noise of machinery starts up outside my bedroom window.

“The constant noise level is really starting to grate on my mental health - it’s slowly driving me crazy.

“New cracks have appeared in our house due to the vibration - it’s been a nightmare all the way through.

“Due to them not damping properly, my mother had an asthma attack due to brick dust, not to mention the state of our home due to layers of dust coming through the window.

“Barratt never informed us or given us warning of major building work going on feet away from our house.”

Barratt spokesman Ian Ruthven told the Chronicle: “We are sorry for any inconvenience that has been caused.

"The work currently being undertaken within the boundaries of the Lock Keeper's Gate development in Low Barugh is to construct a roundabout that will help ease traffic congestion within the area in line with planning approval given by the council.

“We take the health and wellbeing of all residents very seriously.

“We will continue to closely monitor the impact of construction throughout the winter months, and arrange regular road sweeping to ensure the area is kept as clean as possible.

"If residents have any future concerns please just get in touch with the site office at Lock Keeper's Gate."