A SIGNIFICANT donation was made to the historic band Barnsley Brass’ urgent campaign - from an unexpected donor.

The band were shocked after receiving a £200 donation from the newly appointed Barnsley FC manager Valèrien Ismaël, who also shared the fundraiser on his social media accounts.

The manager told the Chronicle it was important for him to support local causes during a difficult period.

He said: “For me it’s very important to donate. We are in a very difficult situation across the world.

“I have some friends who have lost their jobs and need help. It is important to be a part of the support, give confidence to others and do something for other people.

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“It is normal to try to do something to help and stay connected with the people because, without togetherness, it will be difficult to move forward.”

Martin Bland, from the band, added: “It’s absolutely brilliant that Valèrien has thought of us and helped out during a difficult period.

“We’re so pleased with the way things are going as he has shared our petition across his social media.

“We’re so grateful.”