COUNCIL bosses’ claims of removing ‘100 per cent’ of fly-tipping reports within a five-day period are set to come under scrutiny.

Environment leaders will respond to questions posed of reporting channels at next Thursday’s full council meeting, following the release of a document which revealed the perfect figure.

Instances of fly-tipping in the borough are up by more than a third with 5,254 incidents recorded last year, compared to the previous year’s 3,893.

Coun Hannah Kitching said: “There are ongoing concerns about high incidents of fly-tipping across the borough, and we all understand that the team does its best to respond to and clear incidents as soon as possible.

“However, residents have raised concerns about the way this is reported - the quarterly report said 100 per cent of incidents were cleared within five days, but residents know that to not be the case from their own observations and so clearly this figure has caveats.”