Markus Schopp's position as Barnsley head coach is being reviewed on a game by game basis but chief executive Khaled El-Ahmad says: 'As we speak today, he is the manager and he has the full support of the club.'

Schopp has won one of 14 games as head coach and the Reds are second-bottom in the Championship after five successive defeats.

In his first discussion with the local press, El-Ahmad said: "There is a thought process of looking to build continuation but we continue to review where we are game in, game out.

"As we speak today, he is the manager and he has the full support of the club.

"There are various implications, whether that is financial or the history Barnsley has of changes coaches in the fall.

"I don't think anyone is happy with this season - the players, the fans, the managers, the board.

"Markus and I have ongoing discussions about what can be improved and how we can move forward."

Schopp replaced Valerien Ismael, who took the Reds to fifth last season, in June while El-Ahmad arrived in September. The chief executive said: "I wouldn't be surprised if Markus feels he has not had enough support. He came in and there were four staff who were here for a week then left with Valerien, he wasn't able to bring his assistants, he had no CEO.

"You have to think about how pre-season was organised, player injuries, visa issues, the recent staff changes."

Schopp could not bring in his own assistants this season, working instead with coaches who have been left over from previous regimes.

"One couldn't be released from the club he was at and the other was to do with Brexit. That has had an impact in the beginning which creates an environment that, when things go bad, it makes it more difficult."

Barnsley have changed in style from Ismael's long ball approach to Schopp's passing style of play.

"Valerien did a fantastic job and the former CEO (Dane Murphy) did a good job with some of the recruitment.

"You had the ability to change five substitutes, you didn't have fans so the connection between the manager and player was better.

"Barnsley had one of the five best seasons in their history - but there was not one offer for any player. If you look at developing and marketing the players, the value was zero.

"We want to continue the press and counter press but also develop a style where we can rest with the ball and dictate possession.

"If we played all the time with the style we played last season, I don't think it would be sustainable.

"Have we gone too far away from last season's style? Maybe. We are trying to find a happy medium."