TWO motorbikes were seized by police officers after residents spotted youths riding them at Mapplewell Park - and a local councillor hopes this will deter antisocial behaviour.

Last Tuesday night, officers from Barnsley’s North Neighbourhood Policing Team seized the off-road bikes after they were found damaging the football pitches at the park.

One of the riders was apprehended at the scene by the team and names of other youths were received.

Coun Steve Hunt, who represents Darton East for the Liberal Democrats, said he was notified by concerned residents - and the quick-thinking ensured the bikes were stopped.

“Off-road bikes are a problem across the borough,” he added.

“I got a message there were youths in the park on motorbikes so I phoned up a PC from the neighbourhood policing team and a chain of quick reactions meant they seized the bikes.

“I can’t speak highly enough of them.

“This is the first time I’m aware this has happened in Mapplewell Park.

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“I’m disappointed that this has happened with the local youths - there has been a lot of antisocial behaviours in the centre of Mapplewell recently.

“I’m hoping that after this it might improve.”