Poya Asbaghi says 'I know it is tough for the fans right now' but believes Barnsley can take confidence from their performance in a 2-1 loss at Birmingham City on Saturday.

The Reds created chances throughout but conceded either side of half-time then could not level after Victor Adeboyejo pulled one back.

Barnsley are still last, eight points off safety, and winless in nine league games.

Asbaghi told the Chronicle: "It was a disappointing result, not what we wanted or hoped for. You can lose in different ways - you can come here and have nothing to say about anything or you can lose like we lost today.

"The overall performance was pretty good and we create more chances than in many other games combined. Birmingham had chances too but I think we had more.

"But it's the result that counts in the end. It could have gone the other way and we're not far away. We missed good chances and hit the post, these are the margins you have to have with you and we don't have them at the moment.

"We have to keep focused and keep doing what we're doing. If we lost without anything good to say we have to rethink and ask what we're doing.

"Losing this way gives a bigger disappointment but for the future it gives us more confidence.

"You get help if you win games and for confidence it is easier to win a game and not play good. Today we played well but didn't win. We need to make sure we don't concede as many chances."

Goalkeeper Brad Collins made an uncharacteristic error when he missed a corner for the second home goal.

Asbaghi said: "Birmingham is a physical team on set pieces and they make difficulties for a lot of goalkeepers in this league. We know the quality that Brad has and he will keep giving us good performances like before."

Asbaghi chose to bring on defender Jasper Moon in midfield midway through the second half rather than the more attacking Will Hondermarck.

"Jasper and Will both could play with the same output on attacking crosses but Jasper also has long throw-ins and I prefer to choose him for another threat."

Callum Styles limped off with an injury late on. Asbaghi said: "He took a hard hit but but it's too early to say what will happen."

Just over 600 Barnsley fans were at the game. Asbaghi said: "Thank you to the support of the fans during and after the game. It's a really tough time for them. We are thankful for the support, they have to understand we feel that support and that is what is going to make us come back in the end."

Scorer Victor Adeboyejo added: "We went into this game off the back of a very good week in training and everyone understands their roles and responsibility. It was a tough one to take especially when you are in the game and creating chances.

"That's how it is for us right now but we have to keep pushing and keep our mentality because it will turn for us.

"I was pleased to score then we created a few half-chances after that. It's something in terms of a boost but not what we need in the big picture. But we keep fighting.

"I was happy with my performance but it's tough when you don't get the win. It's a different position for me again but I am applying myself and giving my all. Everyone is doing that even if they are out of position."