CRITICISM of a new road system on the edge of Barnsley town centre has been played down by a senior councillor.

Coun Sharon Howard said the council repeatedly faces opposition from residents when it makes major decisions - such as that taken in 2018 to close the popular Penny Pie Park to create a £7m one-way gyratory road system.

“If we think back to Barnsley Central Library, the state of that building, and the campaign that went on to save it because the new library was going to be a shambles,” she said.

“Once it’s in situ, it’s fantastic, it’s the bee’s knees.

“The town centre - you’re wasting our money, that’s going to be a mess, nobody’s going to use it, and then it’s built and again it’s the bee’s knees.

“The gyratory system, we know the campaigns that have gone off around that.

“Even though it’s not complete and some of the lanes aren’t even open, it was a lot quicker, we weren’t stuck in a queue, it was flowing nicely and it was a pleasure to go around it.”