A PARKING issue flagged up as part of the Dodworth Road gyratory scheme looks set to get short shrift from senior councillors - paving the way for a series of measures being brought in on a controversial new road system.

At Wednesday’s meeting of Barnsley Council’s cabinet, members will be urged to overrule a resident’s objection to the plans.

Instead, councillors will be asked to press on with implementing the A628/A6133 Broadway/Pogmoor Road junction improvements.

The Dodworth Road resident who has complained he will have trouble getting into his drive due to new restrictions is being told no-one has a right to expect to be able to park on the public highway.

And that the curbs will allow for access to property.

Work on the gyratory to amend waiting and loading restrictions and bring in new curbs, introduce a one-way system and ban certain manoeuvres on the new is underway and due to be completed later this month.

The council says the scheme is necessary to ensure main routes are kept free of parking and for the optimum flow of traffic.

Among other things, it is proposed to ban waiting and loading at any time on the gyratory and its approaches; ban driving at two points on Pogmoor Road, extend waiting restrictions on the A628 up to the M1 junction and implement a clockwise one-way system for the whole gyratory.

As part of consultation, one objection was received from a resident of Dodworth Road who has to park on the highway while opening driveway gates then go back to the vehicle and reverse into the drive. The resident has said he is worried this would not be possible under the new curbs.

But a highways report to cabinet says: “The resident will still be able to stop momentarily on the carriageway to open their gates then manoeuvre to reverse on to their driveway as the no-waiting (double yellow line) restriction has an exemption which allows for immediate loading/unloading of goods and services and the picking-up and setting-down of passengers.

“The process of manoeuvring on to the driveway, allowing for traffic movement, is also accounted for under these restrictions.

“The proposed restrictions will prevent residents parking outside their homes on the affected roads but will only directly affect those without off-street parking provision. These numbers are very limited, and on-street parking is still available nearby.

“No individual has a legal right to park on the public highway outside their property, nor should they have the expectation to do so.

“Essentially, the purpose of the ‘public highway’ is to facilitate the passage of traffic and should not be relied on as a parking area.”