DARFIELD Book Hunt has been running this week and has seen almost 400 books hidden around the village for children to find.

The hunt was organised by Usborne employee and owner of Miss Molly’s Bookworld Danielle Jowett, who garnered support from more than ten local businesses to sponsor the hunt.

Danielle has been out and about all week planting the books - aimed at readers between the ages of four and ten - for local children to find.

“I’ve been amazed by the support from local businesses who have sponsored the books,” said Danielle.

“I work for Usborne Books and we’ve managed to get a lot of sponsorships from local businesses, meaning we’ve been able to put on a big hunt.”

Danielle had advised that once books were found they could either be taken home and kept, or once they have been read, the child could rehide them for other children to find.