UNPAID carers will receive a share of £250,000 from a government funding pot that aims to reduce current pressures on the sector.

The Omicron Support Fund will see carers receive £500 or a voucher entitling them to 50 hours of respite support, distributed by Making Space, the council’s provider of the Barnsley Carers Service.

“Making Space will identify carers in need of support via the Barnsley Carers Service and other organisations in the Barnsley borough who support or otherwise come into contact with carers,” said a council report.

“The Barnsley Carers Service will verify the individual is an unpaid carer and requires financial support.

“Each unpaid carer identified may receive one respite support voucher, entitling them to 50 hours of respite support or a single payment of £500 but not both.

“Any funding not distributed to unpaid carers is required to be returned to central government.

“Organisations who support carers in Barnsley will be able to refer the carers they support on to the Barnsley Carers Service to enable them to apply for respite voucher or one-off payment described above.”