WILL HONDERMARCK must improve his decision-making before he can play regularly says Poya Asbaghi who sees him as an option in midfield and defence.

The 21-year-old Irishman, who signed early in the season, has started once for the Reds and come off the bench five times but his last league appearance was as an 89th-minute substitute at Peterborough in Asbaghi’s second game.

Some fans have called for him to get another chance recently after he impressed with his physicality and ability to drive forward.

Asbaghi told the Chronicle: “He was on the bench on Saturday and that’s more or less where he is.

“He is still a young player with good mentality who is learning a lot. He has the mentality to learn if he is not playing which is a must for a player of his age. He has to keep doing the hard work and he will get his chances. What he has is power and when he combines that with making the correct decisions he will be a good enough player to start or come off the bench. There is still some work to be done on that.”

Hondermarck is a midfielder but has been used at centre-back

“We are not ruling anything out. He is a mobile player.

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“He has strengths to play in central midfield because he is strong but I believe when he plays on the flanks that he has the ability to use his speed more. He has the ability to challenge for both and we don’t want to put him in one position too much right now.”

Aapo Halme has also been used as a holding midfielder in the past.

The Finn, who is mainly a centre-back, has not played in the league for six months.

Asbaghi said: “First and upmost he is a centre-back. His strength is his physicality. He’s really good in the duel. If we need that in midfield he is not ruled out, or even as a striker. But first he is a centre-back.”