FURTHER proof suggesting a Wombwell tunnel to be a place of paranormal activity has been found after a group of ghost-hunters paid a visit.

WAH Paranormal is a Maltby-based group who formed last year, with their name an a representation of their members - Andy Pollard, 49, and his neighbours Wendy Whitehouse, 64, and her daughter Hayley, 37.

Andy said: “We set up the group last year - myself and Wendy are into the paranormal because we both lost a parent.

“I lost my dad 20 years ago and Wendy lost her mum last year.”

The group have visited a number of Yorkshire paranormal hotspots, including Roach Abbey in Rotherham, Spofforth Castle in Harrogate and the Meltdown Bar in Sheffield.

But it is Barnsley, specifically Wombwell Woods’ so-called ‘convicts’ tunnel’, that has been a place of particular interest for the trio.

“It’s the place we got the most activity,” Andy said.

“It is believed to have once been a stop-off point for convicts from Wakefield prison, which is why it has such a name.”

Over a number of visits, lots of strange goings-on have been recorded.

“One person, whoever it was, name-checked everyone by saying ‘Wendy’, ‘Hayley’, and ‘Andy’ - another mimicked Hayley after she rung a bell, and responded with a ‘ting’ sound.

“A lot of the things we record can’t be heard until we’ve left, edited the footage and listen back.”