PLANS to build more than 100 ‘much-needed’ homes on a former school site in Goldthorpe have been submitted to the council’s planning board - despite worries the access road is already too ‘busy’.

An application was submitted earlier this week for 109 homes to be built just off Goldthorpe Road - with the southern section of the site lying on the former area of Dearneside Comprehensive School, which was demolished prior to 2014.

Of the 109 new properties, eight will be three-bedroom bungalows, whilst the majority will be two or three-bedroom houses - though there will be seven four-bedroom detached properties.

The applicant said the site is considered a suitable location for development due to its proximity to nearby services and facilities such as the Asda on High Street and two local schools - Dearne Goldthorpe Primary School and the Dearne Advances Learning College.

A planning statement said: “Within this context, the principle of residential development is considered to be acceptable particularly due to the site being allocated as a mixed-use site within Barnsley’s Local Plan.

“The proposed development provides a high quality design, which consists of a mix of housing and large areas of public open space.

“The proposed density responds to the characteristics of the site and will protect residential amenity preventing issues such as overlooking between the site and the surrounding residential properties.

“It has been demonstrated that the development proposal is in accordance with national and local planning policy and that there is the opportunity to provide much needed housing within this sustainable location.”

The document continues to ask the council to approve the application ‘without delay’.

Before officially submitting the application, public consultation was held with the local community - and the response was mixed.

On February 22, around 50 letters were posted for delivery to residents and businesses who surround the site.

The letter provided the opportunity to discuss the proposals and ensure that the relevant parties were notified of the application.

Of the 50 letters sent out, only five responses were received - with questions ranging from the duration of the development and worries about access roads.

One resident said: “I am concerned about the entrance to the development as I live directly opposite and it is already a busy road.”

The applicants responded to the concern and a statement of community involvement said: “A response was issued to the respondent that the current design had been designed in communication with Highways Development Control at Barnsley Council and that the future planning application with be supported by a Transport Assessment assessing the proposed

impact of the development on the local highways.

“It was outlined that the respondent would have a further opportunity to comment on the proposed development directly to the Local Planning Authority once the planning application has been submitted.

“In any event the site has been broadly established as suitable for residential development through its allocation in the now adopted Local Plan.

“The proposal to redevelop the site has been well received by local residents, and where extra information has been sought the development team have provided this to improve residents’ understanding of the proposal.”

A total of 128 neighbours have been made aware of the application with no appeals to date.

Public consultation ends on May 24.