LAST week’s election was a success for the town’s Liberal Democrats - but it was made all the more special as Will Fielding joined his dad a Dodworth councillor.

There are now nine Lib Dem councillors across Barnsley after two more were elected last week - strengthening their position as the official opposition against the Labour Party.

Will Fielding, 33, has joined his dad Peter in the Dodworth ward - an area which now has three Lib Dem councillors alongside Chris Wray.

The newly-elected man says he’s looking forward to the challenge and is already proud of everything his dad has achieved.

“It’s an honour to be elected - I’m really pleased,” he added.

“In Barnsley four years ago we elected our first Lib Dem councillor for around a decade - and now we have nine.

“We are all hard-working councillors who hold Labour to account.

“It’s going to be good to get to work with my dad and I’m looking forward to be side-by-side.

“He’s done some excellent work so far and I’m really proud of what he’s done - he’s an excellent local campaigner.”