A VULNERABLE Darfield resident is now ‘significantly out of pocket’ after becoming a victim of courier fraud.

The offender posed as a bank official or police officer and gained the 86-year-old’s trust before asking them to hand over high-value goods to a courier, who was sent to their home.

Police urged residents to remain wary of the scam after confirming Action Fraud members are investigating the case.

A spokesperson for Barnsley South Neighbourhood Policing Team said: “The victim received a phone call from the ‘Fraud Office in London’ stating there had been suspicious activity on their bank account.

“The victim was then ‘transferred’ to ‘Barnsley police station’ who requested that the victim go to their bank and withdraw money, bring it home and an officer would collect the money from them later.

“The fraudsters were very convincing, the victim did as instructed and as such is now significantly out of pocket.”