URGENT action is needed to either remove or renovate a fire-hit derelict building in Worsbrough.

The former police station, on Overdale Avenue, was targeted by arsonists on Sunday, June 26 and fears that it’s becoming a hotspot of antisocial behaviour are escalating.

The building has been derelict for at least ten years, said Coun Jake Lodge.

Plans have been floated to turn it into council housing, he added, but fell through.

And the building is now becoming both a worry for nearby residents and a danger to those who attempt to enter it due to its unsafe condition.

“It was used as a youth club for 20-plus years, but during cuts in around 2010 the group that ran it weren’t able to continue,” said Coun Lodge.

“Since the group shut down, for over ten years it’s been derelict and has deteriorated.

“The roof is falling in. It’s become a blight on the landscape.

“There are only flimsy metal fences and warning signs up.

“Since 2019 when I was elected, I’ve had countless conversations with police officers.

“Kids have been going in and out, but now it’s got to the point where they’ve set it on fire, I’ve written to the police and crime commissioner.

“If the floorboards inside give way, someone could seriously hurt themselves.

“The ideal would be to turn it into a youth club or other provision, shore it up, make it more secure.

“I’ve spoken to residents who want to see some kind of improvements to it, but I’m not sure the funding is there.

“It needs some work doing, or it needs removing.

“Residents and councillors need to know what the plans are - we can’t wait another ten years.”